Back Yard Patio Covers 8/26

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Custom Patio Covers

Custom Patio Covers 7/3 Call or text 760.625.4225(Prefer text messages to schedule your appointments).Thank you. More Projects

Project 023

A customized Sandalwood Lattice Patio Cover combined with a decorative elegance look of 12” Tapered Round Column.  

Project 049

Backyard Lattice Sandalwood Patio Cover with Scallop end cuts. A unique space to expand your home making memories and enjoying life. Create a space that allows people to interact with both environments, no matter which side of the door they are standing on.

Project 027

From start to end, a Driftwood Patio Cover in Salton Sea near Borrego Springs, four outdoor fans to enjoy family and friends gatherings in a sunny warm day.
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