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Aluminum Pergola

For a business, awnings are a practical and attractive way to protect a store or office from weather elements. For a home, awnings enhance the beauty and value by protecting your property from sun and rain. With our metal retractable awnings, C & S Patio Covers can offer you a high quality and durable product for your home and business.

At C & S Patio Covers, we specialize in both residential awnings and commercial awnings. No matter what your intended use for a metal awning may be, you can count on C & S Patio Covers ’s products and expertise to be the best service in {Cit}. We have built a reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. Our professionals give a personal touch to all of their services so that you get exactly what you want for your home or business. You can trust that you’re in the right hands with our company.

We can make a perfect aluminum pergola for your area. Contact C & S Patio Covers in Indio, CA today for information on all of our awning installation and repair services. We guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction and high quality in our installations because as owners (Chris and Sergio), we perform the installation ourselves.

Alumawood Patio Covers

Awnings are a simple way to shade and protect your entryways and patios from the sun and rain. Whether you are looking for an awning for your home or business, C & S Patio Covers offers a wide variety of options that will enhance the beauty and value of your property. We provide an excellent alumawood awning service!

Quality is paramount to everything we do. We meet the needs of our clients by providing all types of retractable awnings to fit your property. We’ve built a reputation within the industry for providing superior awnings that both we and our customers can be proud of. When you choose C & S Patio Covers, we assure you that we will only give you the best.

Visit C & S Patio Covers in Indio, CA today to learn more about our alumawood patio covers and lifetime warranty covers. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call right away. We don’t have any employee, this way our customers always see and communicate with the owners only. Provide quality and luxurious shade solutions that will transform your outdoor living experience.

Retractable Awning

Because durability is key, all of our retractable awnings are made from extremely, heavy-duty materials that are suitable for your patio cover needs. However, despite our best efforts and as strong as they may be, the canvas can still undergo some accidental wear and tear. Fortunately, C & S Patio Covers provides Indio residents and businesses with an exceptional awning repair service that is not only efficiently done but is also a great value for your money.

Whether due to hail or unfortunate tear, you can send us your damaged alumawood awnings or any other products to C & S Patio Covers and we’ll fix it up back to its proper state. Don’t waste your money on purchasing a brand new piece, when our skilled technicians can provide you with excellent repair at a friendlier price. No matter how big or small the repair may be, you can count on us to mend it in no time.

Contact C & S Patio Covers today to learn more about our commercial and residential awning repair services in Indio, CA. We have high customer reviews in Home Advisor and Facebook! We also install custom shade structures to fit your needs and can repair retractable awning.

Why Alumawood

, Longevity

Alumawood patio covers last nearly 3 times as long as your average wood patio cover. No maintenance is taken care of properly.

Strength and Durability.

Alumawood patio covers will withstand the driest or wettest conditions, requiring little to no maintenance; while wooden patio covers may become brittle and weak, failing to the elements.


Alumawood patio covers don’t neglect style! Lattice, solid, stand-alone or custom covers, color choices, and even more styling options — with so many different combinations, it’s sure to complement each backyard perfectly.


Our prices are the most competitive in the market! Many different variables are involved determining the price of your Alumawood patio cover, including square footage and style choice as well as permit regulations of your city.

Want your dream patio but worried about the cost? Call to see what your needs are.

In some cases, homeowners may want to extend their living space by converting a patio into a three-season room. This process involves more than just the installation of a patio cover, as it is a complete enclosure. In temperate climates, an enclosure consisting of a cover, knee wall, and screens is sufficient to create a weather-resistant, insect-free space. In climates where excessive heat and cold is normal, an enclosed patio with windows will extend the seasonal use of the space.

If you want to avoid permanent construction, consider retractable awnings. If you think you might be interested in converting the patio to a three-season room, start with a well-constructed vinyl patio cover and use a contractor to have it professionally installed. This will leave future construction options open. Make sure to coordinate any future plans with current ones, including electrical and lighting options, as well as ensuring water tightness and cover construction. Remember to consider weight load when choosing a patio cover for a home in snowy climates.

Whether you want to create additional living space, protect your patio furniture from rain, or shade your patio area from the sun, a patio cover is a good investment. The variety of styles and building materials available make them reasonably affordable for any budget and they can provide many benefits that make better use of existing but infrequently used patio space.